Would you rather have a satisfied customer ... or a delighted one?


We've never come across anyone who is content with just 'satisfied'. And so, you'd think that delightful customer experiences would be more common, wouldn't you? After all, no one sets out with the intention of being average.

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Join us at the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Africa Summit


 We are thrilled to be part of the CEM Africa Summit taking place at Century City Conference Centre from 16 - 17 August.

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Exactly what is Customer Experience Management (CEM)?


​When I was first introduced to the Customer Experience (CX) world, contrary to my expectations, I found a heavy influence on technology and process with little or no attention paid to the 'people' component.

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Are you the Bad Apple at Work?


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. If you place several pendulum clocks on the wall, they begin to swing in synchrony, no matter how they are set in motion.

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The 'Don't satisfy my customer, delight them' motto


 Warren Buffett, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., advised aspiring entrepreneurs that satisfied customers are essential to building a business.

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AIGS sees benefits from Delight@Work


Great employees translate into great customer service, and great customer service is the cornerstone of increased revenues and business growth. 

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A good deed can go a long way…


It is our business to spread delight. After watching the TVC Thai Life Insurance advert (attached to this article) we thought it would be appropriate to share and here is our motivation.

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It's all about the people


Day 1 Fight Club Debate No 2 

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